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Stop worrying about production scheduling and tracking and start focusing on building your company! Order Build Go will provide access to our CRM system to help you stay in the know.

Material Ordering

We provide your company with resources to ensure the right material gets ordered every time.

Crew Network

With our extensive network of crews and sub-contractors, we will always have someone to help get the job done.


For more than 20 years, Order Build Go has provided construction consulting services that top builders have used to increase profits and expand their range of productivity. We know the ins and outs of construction like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one. Our innovative, streamlined process will efficiently build and close out your jobs, while maximizing your returns. We can help you meet and exceed homeowner expectations, leaving you free to focus on your company’s growth.

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Benefits of using Order Build Go

  1. You Will SAVE Money – Most restoration contractors hire in-house production managers who can handle roughly 300 jobs a year. This is costly and can run the contractor 60-80 thousand annually in salary. Many times, contractors even continue to pay the manager in the “off season” or cold winter months. By running 300 jobs through Order Build Go, your production cost will be cut by at least 25%.
  2. You Will Not Be Left Without a Manager – With in house production, contractors run the risk of the manager leaving to start their own company after 1-2 years of building a strong relationships with suppliers and crews. Managers use their prior employer to jump start their own operation with their new found skills, savings and contacts. If you outsource your production, you will not have to worry about being left high and dry.
  3. We Can Handle Growth – After a large storm hits your area, contractors can find themselves with unlimited work. After growing quickly from doing only a couple of million dollars in sales to several, production managers can often get overwhelmed. This causes you to leave money on the table at the years end. Order Build Go has systems and staff on hand, and is built to expand with you.